Railroad Station, Oil On Canvas, 120 x 100 cm

About Landscapes

Mads Rye has always painted landscapes. Almost always with clouds. Often clouds and the sky without a horizon. He will often employ a cloud formation as the whole background to a portrait. Landscapes with clouds has always fascinated Rye. He has always puzzled over the effect formations of water vapor have over the imagination of the spectator.

Countless times, to his great delight, has he heard gallery owners or visitors to his exhibitions come with their own understanding of the artist’s state of mind in the creation of a certain painting.

However, as these opinions and ideas are often miles apart from each other, Rye is of the undertanding that these cloud formations mirror more the spectator’s state of mind than the artist’s.

His goal with these landscape paintings is therefore achieved, being that it is his intention to create room for the spectator’s imagination and thoughts.

Mads Rye defines art as the communication of feelings. Like music, where it is not the placement of notes that is of interest, but the stream of emotions it creates. As in all forms of art.